YeeLight Blue II From The Apollo Box


Recently I was given the opportunity to review a product from the Apollo Box. What is the Apollo box? They are,

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So, What is the YeeLight Blue II? It is a most up-to-date generation of high energy efficient bulb with millions of colors. The Blue II can be controlled directly with your mobile device using bluetooth technology!

 Take control of your lighting in minutes! 16 million colours plus the full spectrum of white light – from relaxing warm to concentration enhancing cool – the Yeelight Blue II is a multi-coloured wireless Bluetooth LED bulb controlled from your iOS or Android smart device.

This smart LED light bulb is easy to install – no electrician, Wi-Fi, hubs or extra equipment needed – just plug it in, download the free app and take remote control of your lights from your phone or tablet.

The Yeelight energy efficient LED bulb uses 6-watts of power, 88% less than other bulbs, but produces light equivalent to a standard 50-watt bulb. Using high quality components, the 500 lumens output produces a bright consistent soft light, including relaxing warm white to concentration-enhancing cool white.

The Yeelight Blue II is the perfect addition, or start, to your smart home!

What are some Key Features of Yeelight Blue II Bulb?

  • Mood lighting at your fingertips – from your iOS or Android device
  • Bluetooth connectivity, no complicated hubs needed
  • 16 million colours with advanced brightness control
  • Flowing Colour™ – custom rotating multi-colour lighting schemes
  • Disco mode syncs to your music – bring your party to life
  • Connect up to 10 bulbs per group, individually or at once
  • Uses up to 88% less energy than traditional light bulbs

Get the party started! Enable the Disco mode from the app and Yeelight will sync up with your music and flash along with the beat.

Yeelight patented technology that analyses an image in your photo album and then outputs an associated colour scheme, bringing your pictures to life.

Set the timer to automatically turn your LED smart bulb on or off, enabling Yeelight to turn off as you sleep and awake in the morning.

16 Million colours & full white light control

The Yeelight Blue II puts 16 Million colours of light at your fingertips. Giving you full RGBW control, match the light to your mood, your home, your business, your pictures, your memories or anything you wish. Unlike other bulbs, the Yeelight smart light combines colour control and tuneable white light in to one bulb, so vivid colours, plus vibrant warm to cool whites are available.

A brighter, more consistent LED light

You are in control of your Yeelight LED light – use the app for smooth dimming of your light and to precisely adjust the brightness to your desired level, perfectly fixed around your complete daily needs.

With 500 lumens of output, plus built-in diffusion shade, the Yeelight produces a bright consistent light, but without harsh edges and an equal distribution of light.

Greener, cheaper and longer lasting

Yeelight specialise in smart lighting, and the Yeelight Bulb II is their most energy-efficient bulb yet. Even with 500 lumens of brightness output, Yeelight smart light bulbs use 88% less electricity, and have a lifespan 20x longer, than traditional bulbs.

This big light with small costs consumes just 6 watts of energy, giving it ultra-low power consumption, and Energy Class A efficiency.

Simple & secure remote control of your lights using wireless Bluetooth 4.0

Using the latest Bluetooth LE 4.0 technology, Yeelight is controlled directly from your smart device. This means that setup is easy and done within minutes – there are no hubs to install, no Wi-Fi connections to setup, no Internet connection or bandwidth worries to think about. Yeelight is safe and secure, giving you no worries that someone else is accessing your connected devices.

Free apps for iOS or Android to control your bulb

Use the free Yeelight apps to control your bulbs full functions, working on Apple iOS and Android devices. Working in the background of your device, the Yeelight app does not drain your battery, and does not affect any other programs that are running.

No phone, no problem, as Yeelight works just like a normal bulb if the app isn’t used, so you can always just turn your lights on or off via it’s switch.

One swipe to your bulb

The free Yeelight apps include Notification Centre (iOS) and Widget (Android) shortcuts – so you can quickly take control of your light with a swipe, even if your device is locked.

Setup in minutes with just three easy steps

Anyone can install and take control of their lighting quickly with Yeelight – and get fully setup with your own custom LED colour of lighting in minutes!

Step 1: Fit the bulb – fit the bulb and then switch on the light like normal

Step 2: Download Yeelight app – available for free from Apple App Store or Google Play

Step 3: Connect & control – Activate Bluetooth on your device, add your Yeelight, control it!

I am such a fan of this product. i love having the availability to change colors of the bulb for different holidays, events, and gatherings.

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